Thursday, February 19, 2009

why can't people follow SOPs?

a work post, it's been awhile has it not?

headache today. idiot person at work decides he's above the rest of the peons & he doesn't have to follow the rules.

so what does that mean?

it means doing his work takes 5x longer than it should.
that he has to stand over my shoulder & watch me work.
& question every flipping thing i do.
tell me the order i should do it in.
(like he even knows what he's talking about!)
that we have to re-do his work 3x because he didn't just sit down & look at it himself before starting the process.

i know it's very common for standard operating procedures to dull & cumbersome, but if they work & save time, you're a dumbass when you circumvent the system.

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