Wednesday, May 6, 2009

about being mexican

alright, so after last post, SIL brought to my attn how mexican i really am...although you would never know it by looking at me. [which i kind of like that people look at me & wonder "what is she?" - i'm human!]

my nana (mom's mom) has told me when i was a kid, before i started going to school, i spoke more spanish than english. although i find that strange, i know when i'm tired, real, real tired my enunciation changes.

as in 'chair' becomes 'share' & 'chicken' becomes 'shicken'.
[i just say my mexican is coming out]

another thing i've noticed is when it comes to eating, especially leftovers, B (the white guy) always makes a sandwich while i put everything in a tortilla. flour or corn (preferably yellow, white doesn't cut it), fried or heated on the flame.

yes, on a flame.
just like nana's does it.
or on the comal if you want to get REAL mexican.
but please don't f-it up & put it in the microwave.

oh, & how about this, i didn't even know there was a white version potato soup until i was in my early 20s! funny, it ties to last post as the vieja had potato soup one day & i remember saying something to her about it because it was white & she asked me:

"well, what color is it supposed to be?"

i only knew of the red tomato sauce based potato soup.

& finally, the teasing song. you know the song kids tease each other with right? i never thought much of it until i heard B say:

"nanny nanny boo boo"

& i was like 'wth was that?'
you're supposed to say:

'le-doh le-doh leeee-doooohhhhh'

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