Friday, May 22, 2009

Z's VIP week

everyone in Z's class gets a VIP week, this is his week (next week, actual b-day wasn't available).

- on mon & tues he took some of his favorite books to share with the class.
- on weds B had something planned, but had to cancel because of a work meeting. in lieu he brought Z a big happy face mylar balloon. wait, big doesn't cut it. gigantic? maybe...let's put it this way, when Z brought it home, i told him it might not fit in my car!
- yesterday B & I brought in confetti eggs & the kids had a blast with them. my only regret was that we only had enough for each kid to get 1. there were a few leftovers, but not enough to make another round.
- today B's going in with slime. yeah, so not my arena. he made glow in the dark slime, temperature sensitive slime (changed color when you touch it) & a magnetic version (i haven't seen it yet). oh & i also made chocolate cupcakes last night.

Z in turn has had a good week. he's only gotten 1 unhappy face so far & it was because he said "butt" in class...we can do this!


  1. that sounds like such a fun week for him! what a great mom you are to make sure that it's so special! :D

  2. great job z! and to the mommy & daddy too! :-)
    i got one of those HUGE balloons for my birthday. and it's still floating. my birthday was march 12th. yeah. that's a lot of helium!! granted it is looking pretty sad now...but amazing that it's still floating. :-)

  3. thanks SIL, but you're the super-mom!
    Mariah - he already destroyed the balloon!

  4. lol destroyed it already. such a boy.
    caine ATTEMPTS to do the same about every other day until i hear the crinkle of the mylar and i'm up and yelling "get your stinkin' hands off my balloon!" lol

  5. haha, what is it with boys?
    it's so pretty...i must kill it!

  6. as much as they like the pretty (although they would never admit it) they mostly just want to rip it apart just to rip it apart. lol


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