Monday, May 11, 2009

house stuff

on fri pm the real estate guy came by to appraise the house & help us figure out what to do with it. he liked the work we've done in the hall bathroom, living room & computer room but said Z's nemo blue room had to go, and the kitchen, well, we should just bomb it. [my words not his]

although the RE guy didn't give us a finite # he said we won't get our $$ out of it for the work & improvements we've put into it & that we'd be better off renting the house out instead of selling it. B & I had previously discussed this & we knew it was a possibility, just were hoping to be rid of it.

fri night B pulled the countertop out of our bathroom & worked on that over the weekend while i painted Z's room & touched up the paint in the dining room.

mother's day celebrations for the most part took a backseat to the work we needed to do. B gave me a card with an appt card; today i go in for a mani/pedi & facial - i can't wait. Z gave me a card where he drew a ladybug, a butterfly & a turtle & filled with I love you's all over one side.

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