Monday, May 17, 2010

you know he's past due right?

it's been months since Z's had any official trouble at school. yeah, a week or 2 ago his teacher did talk to me about him razzing the girls in class, but nothing big. no calls from the principal.

until today.

today's lunch was shrimp poppers & after lunch, Z went around chasing a little girl. yeah, i know that doesn't really sound like much, until you hear about how she's highly allergic to shellfish & was completely traumatized by dirty shrimp hands.

that sounds awful, i'm not mocking her in any way at all.

but dang, if my kid doesn't figure out the weirdest ways of getting himself in trouble.

UPDATED to add: i got the note from school, it's only his SECOND referral [yeah, it is a silver lining]


  1. how does that school reconcile not letting them eat any sweets or stuff that is on the no-no list for some kids but then serve SHRIMP POPPERS? something doesn't seem right.

    i'm sure z doesn't realize the little girl's allergy may be life threatening. he had stuff on his hands...she ran squealed and could he NOT chase her?

  2. yes, he said he did it bc her reaction was so funny & the girl, his latest girlfriend...probably not anymore though.

  3. yeah i'm gonna say that the relationship has run it's course. lol


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