Saturday, May 29, 2010

Z's 8th birthday

grandma C called in the morning, so we had Z open his presents from her while he was on the phone [still not really talking]. my mom was coming over, so i had Z clean his room up some while B & I decorated the cake. you remember the angel food cake decorated ocean theme? thankfully he forgot about the sho-tao...but i'm already worried about what next year's request!

although Z's room wasn't a complete mess, he did his usual destroy rather than put away technique so by the time my mom showed up tears were streaming down his face. [i'm sure she thought we gave him a birthday beating for breakfast....] & when she asked him why he was crying he pointed at me, so she then goes into how no one should cry on their birthday or have to clean their room. i told her i'd been asking him for the past 3 days to clean his room & instead of cleaning it he made it worse each time.

other than that it went well though, Z opened presents & we had cake just the 3 of us. Z hopped on his new bike completely fearless even though he hadn't been on a bike without training wheels before. we had plans to go to a minature golf type place for the afternoon & promised bike riding the next day.

at the amusment park we went on bumper boats, played some laser tag (it was small, hot & stinky - not recommended), drove go karts, played in the arcade & also played 2rounds of miniature golf. we were all exhausted when we left for Z's requested dinner of sushi! [i didn't even coax one bit, he came up with it all on his own!]

it was a good day.

i cried a bit though, i can't believe he's 8 years old!
i still see the baby face when i look at him.

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