Sunday, May 16, 2010

B's cat story - pt II

one day B realizes the dead cat in a bag needed to go back to school. he tells me that the lab isn't open 1st thing in the morning & asks me to bring it by later in the day for him.

YAHH, the skinlessreekingofformaldehydedeadcatinabag is leaving!!! i just have to take it to him.


to make it even better, B wouldn't be ready for me to deliver the dead cat in a bag until after Z was home from school, so he had to participate in the fun as well. at least Z had seen it, was aware of it, knew it was in the garage & was also happy to get it out of the garage.

so i get the kid in the car, then go get the skinlessreekingofformaldehydedeadcatinabag out of the garage, put it next to him in the backseat & ask him to hold the pan so it doesn't fall, slide or move around anywhere.

Z - but momma, it stinks
me - i know honey, don't touch it, i'll open the windows
Z - but momma, it's ugly
me - i know, don't look at it, just hold on to the edge of the pan

thankfully school is just around the corner & we got that thing delivered. intact with no casualties.


  1. omg i would have had to triple bag it, put it in a cardboard box and then seal it with duct tape!

    there is just so many things wrong with that story!! b never amazes me at how much of a man he is! lol

  2. funny thing about it, i think Z stared at it the whole a train wreck, don't want to look, but can't take your eyes off it!


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