Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a pistol & a firecracker

monday was legoland day for Z's class. i signed up to help out & B was out of school, so we made it a family event. i went in a few days before to see if there was anything i needed to know beforehand & Z's teacher told me she was taking that day off, there would be a substitute for the field trip bc she was using the extra discount tickets to take her family. [what?]

there were several parents there to help out [which was great, bc i didn't take into consideration i was going to have to take care of other kids]. the teacher [yes, she showed up for a few minutes] passed out bags that held our ticket along with our partner's....Z & I got the class pistol [the teacher even calls her that]. so luckily i only had one extra kid, but wow, before we even left the school Pistol was crying bc she wanted to be someone else's partner.

the bus ride over wasn't bad, loud though, i can't imagine a long ride, i'd go crazy. i sat with another parent & found out we're neighbors which will be nice for summer meet ups for the kids. B met us at legoland while we waited for it to open [fyi it opens at 10]. Pistol told the boy she wanted to be partners with that she loved him & he said he didn't want anything to do with her [thankfully she didn't cry again]. B had to go back to the truck for something, so we entered the park a few minutes after everyone else & headed over to a rollercoaster ride, i sat with Pistol.

then i got a call from the substitute bc she said everyone else was in another section & she wanted to check on us. so we changed directions to head over to the group but stopped at another ride. we were just about to the front of the line when substitute called again; there was a mandatory class & we had missed it. [bc we didn't know about it]

you would think something might have been sent home on friday for the chaparones...maybe when she was handing out the bags of tickets...maybe even repeat it to make sure everyone (students & parents) knew about it...maybe she could have written it on the board....how about on the pieces of paper that were in the ticket bags...SOMEWHERE RIGHT if it's (*^%$^& MANDATORY?????....????

so we run over to catch the next class at 11, it was about gears, er cogs, yeah, that was the MANDATORY do or die top secret, fbi/cia entrance class. once the class finished, Pistol needed to eat, then we had to work on our paper, then we had to go to the one ride that was about the homework stuff, then, THEN FINALLY we could enjoy the park. we had time to get on 1 (ONE) ride & then it was time to hand Pistol over.

we had 3 hours to enjoy the park on our own, which was good bc really we'd only seen about 1/3 of it & it isn't very big. we spent some time with a couple of classmates, then we went off on our own. Z had a good day & was really well behaved.

i can't believe he's going to be 8 in a few days!

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