Sunday, December 13, 2009

got singer?

the saturday after B was rear-ended we visited nana. i had planned on going during the week, but had been putting it off & it worked out well to go on the weekend so the boys could go with me.

the visit was nice, nana was talkative & she enjoyed having B & Z around [they are entertaining]. nana still has 24 hour care & this time we met the main caregiver. when we asked if there was anything they needed, she gave me a list. we headed over to walmart & picked up a ton of stuff.

the doctor lifted nana's diet restrictions, but body limits what she can eat. she told me she when he first gave her the ok, she ate a hamburger & french fries, it was really good but couldn't keep it down. yeah, that's kinda heavy when you haven't had solids in weeks....i didn't ask if she'd had a beer yet....

then she asked if i was going to take the sewing machine. we had brought the truck. & she was finally home [so no one could say i took it]. but UGH!!!! the reality of it, still hurt.
it took the both of us to move it because although it's on wheels, they're tiny little metal ones that don't roll very well. B strapped it down in every conceivable direction with probably a dozen different ties & we brought the singer home.

we unloaded it & left it in the garage. i hadn't really looked at it since that little spell after hs when i went to live with nana. actually, i probably didn't even look at it then, it was just there in the room with me. the wooden top is basically plywood with varnish, hinges on the left side so it flips to the side. inside there's an opening; the bottom part lifts up towards you with one hand, while you use the other hand to lift the machine out, above where it needs to sit while you return the bottom part back in place to form a lip so the machine sits level.

i brought the drawers into the living room, planned on cleaning them out in the morning, but when i started taking the stuff out of them, i decided i couldn't. the contents: some of my nana's old pink rollers, an army guy, a blue peg from my lite-brite, etc. i decided those things belonged in there. after a few tears of course.

the link i previously used to show what the sewing machine looks like doesn't work & i did some searching to find another one but was unable to. when i get a chance i'll post my own pics.


  1. great to hear about your nana doing so well. :-)

    i totally agree...that stuff belongs in there.

    btw my word verification word was HUSSY. ha ha ha

  2. ahahah! well, i don't know what to tell about your word verification, love it though!

    btw, i had to turn it on bc i was getting spam comments.

  3. oh no problem...i'm intrigued by the verification words...sometimes they are just close enough to real words that i wonder if they really are. lol

    today's word: cultreep

  4. bc i'm a nerd, i had to look up cultreep, fyi not a word.


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