Monday, December 14, 2009

the irony of my life

sundays are the days when i really notice the absence of my mother in my life. i normally call her randomly throughout the week for something here & there, although sometimes that doesn't happen, but the sunday phone calls almost always do.

just a few days after "the call" i was-this-close to picking up the phone to ask her something because i was making tortillas for the first time. wonder how well that would have went? uh, oops, i forgot, you're not talking to me....

i'm still angry, still hurt, still completely unaware of what i did wrong.
it's christmas.
we're finally back home after 4 years.
i have a 7 yr old child that is completely aware of her absence & i'm left to explain it.

so yeah, 2 weeks & no talk....
but, guess what?
on sunday, my dad called.

did you get that? my dad
i know weird huh?

i hadn't seen him since Uncle M's funeral last august. the last time we spoke i didn't know we were moving & when i tried to call him the # didn't work. so when we moved we lost connection, although he knows where my family is & can get in touch with them. my aunt O told me he'd visited her just after my reunion & my nana told me he'd come over when she got out of the hospital; it was just a matter of time.

he was a bit confused, started talking about how he saw me 6 months ago at the funeral [um, more like 16 months ago]. he did get the back surgery done & he's doing better except while he was recovering he contacted TB, he's still taking meds for that. then he told me he was supposed to come to SD & he was planning on stopping by but his trip was cancelled.

um wha?
haven't seen or talked to him in over a year & we ain't ever been on great terms, but he's making plans to come visit with no notice.


  1. well a visit UNANNOUNCED makes total sense though really. lol

  2. do you have any idea how long the list is of people whom i'd welcome an unannounced visit from before my dad? yeah, it's pretty long...

    i don't know how many times i repeated in the conversation "if you want to come by, just call me & let me know" - wonder if he got the hint?

    probably not

  3. i'm gonna say you are right...i don't think he gets "hints". a blow to the side of the head plus a certified letter may not even be enough. lol


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