Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas 09

it wasn't until late in the day on christmas eve that i decided what treats i was going to make...procrastinator extraordinaire, yes? yeah, so about 3pm i decided to make a pumpkin pie, a chocolate pie, chocolate chip cookies with some oatmeal thrown in there & some rasperry crumb concoction. oh yeah, & i cooked a pot of beans & made chicken tacos for dinner too. i finally finished about 9pm & was toast, but once Z went to bed, presents needed to be wrapped.

i thought after last year's "santa is your parents" statement the santa deal was done, but nope, it's still on. we received one present early in the month & when Z noticed it under the tree he asked "how come santa brought it early?" -> so no other presents under the tree.

we took Z to see santa this year [i know we're bad parents for never having done it before. he was too young to understand, then we were in hell for 4 years & santa doesn't go there.] i think part of the reason he wanted to go was a friend told him his younger sister pulled santa's beard off. i thought for sure the only reason Z wanted to go was so he could pull the beard off too, but surprisingly he didn't.

we got to bed about 1am. thankfully Z slept in until about 7:30, we heard him stirring & when we came out he had already organized all the presents into piles but not unwrapped a single one - impressive!

for being broke & unemployed we had a pretty nice christmas - I got B a bunch of shirts & a wallet, B got me a new camera & Z got a ton of toys. oh & we got a family wii from B's mom, which is painful but fun.

the presents my mom sent, well, i couldn't bring myself to put them out as wrong as that may be. i was afraid Z would ask why grammie wasn't here, why did she mail the presents, etc. questions i didn't have a real answer to myself & that in itself made me upset - why was i the one that had to explain her craziness to him?


  1. i'm glad z still believes in santa. or he may just be like caine was and be covering his bets...just in case. lol

    great self control on z's part. just organizing the presents and not actually opening any!! he was NOT going to do anything to jeopardize getting all those presents!! good for him!

  2. yeah, i was kinda surprised we didn't walk into a room full of shredded paper piles!


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