Thursday, December 17, 2009

Z got in a fight with a fire hydrant, guess who won?

i gave it all away in the title didn't i?
let me tell you how my day has gone [wow, my typing is absolutely atrocious right now, i can't even type a 3 letter word right.]

5:45am woke up & thanked God that i don't have to get up that early for anything
7:21 woke up, finally had a decent night's sleep, got the boy up
7:34 helped the boy tie his shoes because he's forgotten how to do it & insists on doing it his own way which doesn't ^*&*&^ work
7:48 i'm changing when i hear Z crying & yelling for me, so i run out to find him sitting in a pile of tears with his shoes off. his socks slipped into his shoes & he didn't like it so he took his shoes off to fix the socks but then couldn't tie his shoes so he sat there & cried.
7:52 talked to B about cancelled christmas party [boohoo] while Z brushes his teeth
7:55 missed the phone call from my aunt O
8:01 we're in the car & late for Z's reading lab
8:06 drop Z off, tell him to ask the reading lab dude something, hugs, kisses, goodbyes, etc
8:15 back home, continue conversation w/B, get my coffee & tell him i'm going to call my aunt. i'm sure she's running interference for my mom, but this is not something i want to put off.
8:20 i'm looking for my phone to call her aunt when B tells me it's in the bedroom ringing. it's the school, Z fell & hit his head on something on the playground & i should come take a look at him. [really, i kinda didn't hear a lot of that because after i hear the word playground i'm wondering why the (&(*& wasn't Z in reading lab?!?!?!?!?]
8:27 get to school & see a decent size egg on Z's left temple, ask how he's doing? fine. so then why was he on the playground & not in reading lab? he forgot. i go talk to the reading instructor to check Z's attendance & he said it's been good. then i went to his classroom to see if he would miss anything if we brought him home & she said it would be fine. the bump was turning blue so we decided he should come home & relax for a couple of hours.
8:45 we all come home & have Z sit in bed for a spell
8:50 i call my aunt back, i'm anxious about the call now that i've had a little time to think about it, but she doesn't answer.
9:04 aunt O calls me, just chit chat; i guess she's just checking in on my mother's behalf.
9 - 11 i check on Z every 20 minutes or so, he's fine & the bump is going down.
10:38 Z feels well enough to get up & have an orange
11:03 take the boy back to school & he tells me what happened - he was playing tag with Isabelle & he turned & ran into a fire hydrant. [so now i understand why he 'forgot' about reading lab bc he told me previously he wanted to get a christmas present for her, so he must have a crush on her.]
11:20 happy to be child-free again i head off to walmart to p/u a few things i forgot.
12:14 get home & realize my present boxes are larger than my mailing boxes.
1:47 presents wrapped & craft skills have been put to the test to make everything fit in those *%&^% mailing boxes.
2:23 dropped the *%&^% mailing boxes off at the post office.
2:47 finally get something to eat & notice my still 1/2 full cup of coffee on the table from this morning.


  1. and that timeline only goes to 2:47. lol

  2. yeah, the later part of the afternoon deserves it's own post (unfortunately!).


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