Saturday, December 26, 2009


on christmas eve i called my mom & left a vm. i told her i hadn't done anything wrong that i was aware of & she was being mean to me & to Z. on christmas day she called & left a merry christmas vm. the next day she called & left another vm asking if Z could come spend the weekend with her.

now, i've written about this, but now matter how i try it's long & drawn out & ugly, so i'm going to try really, really hard to be brief here.

i called her back & we talked finally. she told me she had a horrible day here, an awful thanksgiving, that we were very unhappy people. i was completely unaware of her feelings & asked her to explain, because we didn't feel that way at all. she told me i was mean to her all day long, that i didn't smile or laugh all day & it was obvious B & I were arguing & not speaking to each other.

her view of the entire day was completely & absolutely askew. she gave me example after example of situations where she twisted reality & victimized herself. i'll share one - remember when i called her that morning to let her know cousin & aunt had shown up? i thought she would want to come over once they arrived, but she didn't. i thought she was still preparing food & that's why she wasn't coming over until later; nope, food was prepped the night before she was cleaning her floors. so i JOKED & said "you should come clean mine" because remember mine were dirty? she said i TOLD her "to come clean my floors."

alright, that's all i can say before i go ballastic.

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  1. mothers...can't live with them...don't want to live without them! :-)

    at least you guys talked. that's a good thing.


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