Friday, November 27, 2009

thanksgiving 2009

thankgiving was a quiet one this year, i invited my mom & B invited his cousin & aunt over & that was it. ever since we've been back things have been weird with my mom, before she used to come over every sunday to visit, but she'd only been over once [for my birthday in july when we first got here]. it's not that i want or expect her to come over every week, but something's up & she's not telling me what's going on. i wasn't even sure she was going to accept my invitation for thanksgiving, but she did.

i called her that morning to find out what time she was coming over; she told me she'd prepared all her stuff the night before but she wouldn't be over until noon. a little weird right? it's thanksgiving don't you want to spend the day with us? apparently not.

B's cousin & aunt showed up early that morning. [i had spent the previous day baking all day long so the house was kind of a disaster & i had planned on cleaning before they got here, but oh well...] we sat, had coffee & talked while B & I prepared the stuffing. later in the morning we made some munchies and shortly thereafter my mom arrived with spinach dip & yummy pies.

it was a beautiful day & we sat outside on the back patio & talked or sat around the tv for a bit. i think it was about 3:30 when my mom told me she had a headache because she needed to eat. B checked on the turkey but it wasn't quite hot enough still; so that needed to cook a bit more, brown it & the side dishes also needed to go in the oven. it was probably about 4:30 when we sat down to eat, the turkey was fantastic, very juicy [we think the trick was B cooked it at 325 so it took longer, but it was worth it]. everything was really good & we all had a nice dinner.

my mom complained about it getting dark, so once we finished eating i helped her gather her stuff, gave her some leftovers & Z & I walked her out to her car. she seemed fine, just a little perturbed a bit about having to drive in the dark & being a whopping 13 miles away from home.


  1. do you think there is something wrong with her eyes? that would explain why she's "happier" being at home and the whole driving at night thing. maybe?

    your mom is usually so outgoing. strange.

  2. i think that may be a part of it, but a small part. there's something more though; i don't know if it's the distance from her house or if it's that she doesn't want to come to my house.

    i mean she complains about having to go "all the way" to the mall when it's 10 miles away, she used to do it all the time & enjoyed the outing.


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