Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tues visit & a story about chicken soup & my dad

after making this post, i called the hospital & spoke with nana, she told me they took her to the hospital because her tummy hurt. to say she's a little in the dark about her health would be an understatement, but it's probably for the best...
when i visited her last week, she told me they "they'd cut her open", suddenly aware that she'd had a surgery & to a certain extent seemed like she felt violated by the act. i told her if she didn't remember any of it, it was probably best & that comforted her some.

anyways, she told me they were discharging her from the hospital that day (monday).

so on tues mom & i went down to check on her. she was sitting in the living room; her color looked good & she was talkative. then my mom went into one of the rooms to look for some old books & when she came back she had an old hs annual. really old, 1963. i actually found a few people that i knew, well, i knew them as so&so's parents, but still funny to see these people in hs.

nana talked quite a bit more with my mom & for some reason they brought up an old story. a long, long time ago my mom had extreme oral surgery to have her wisdom teeth removed. the reason i say extreme is because i think the doctor used an old, rusty butterknife to work on her because after the surgery she got lock-jaw, i think she said it lasted for like 2 weeks...

can you imagine the lawsuit if that happened today?

so, beings my dad not worth his weight in salt....nana told my mom to come stay with her while she healed. nana was sick too, but my dad knew sick nana could take better care of my mom than he could so he gladly dropped her off & took my sweet lil baby ass over to his mom's house because he couldn't take care of me either. when he dropped off my mom in the morning, he did ask if they needed anything from the grocery store [alright, there's a bit of good in there] & nana told him to pick up a few things to make some chicken soup for the both of them.

and here is where my dad is my dad.

they waited all fricken day for him to return with the groceries. yup, both sick & stuck waiting for him. he didn't show up until sometime in the evening & he was all proud of himself that he remember to get everything. yeah. nice. stupid actually. just a tad inconsiderate. i don't know what the 2 of them did all day long. i know nana has never been one to keep a full pantry, so when she gave him a list of things she needed for soup, she [like any normal person] would expect the person to go get the stuff & return immediately. right? i mean what kind of person goes & f's off all day long when you have 2 sick people waiting for soup fixings?

and here is where my nana is my nana.

nana took the bag with the chicken in it & hit my dad with it.


  1. ha ha ha good for nana!

    (there was so much old school in this post...lock jaw, annual, your dad, hitting people with chickens, etc. )

  2. can't say it any better than mariah just did. :)


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