Tuesday, November 10, 2009

trojan free

in the quamire of last week's chaos i managed to get a trojan on the laptop....excellent....i noticed IE was slow to load so i tried deleting all the history, cleaning up the drive, etc to no avail.

spybot found the trojan, but couldn't kill it, it was night of the living trojan....kept on coming back & started re-constituting files that had been deleted (from the recycle bin) months ago. i do thank spybot though, at least i knew what i was dealing with....

after some searching i located malwarebytes, the first run found 3 problems. it didn't list them out, but they were removed & so far the laptop has been virus free for over 24 hours, sweet. thank you malwarebytes!

now, back to regular posting.


  1. i, of course, automatically thought you were going to be talking about condoms. lol

  2. haha, no, we've been that kinda "trojan free" for about a year now


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