Monday, November 16, 2009

1st trimester report card

let's just start with "WOOOOHOOO"

ok, settle down......geez!

so for life skills & work habits he got S (satisfactory) for everything except observing school/playground rules & demonstrating self-control, which ya know, considering some of the stuff he's pulled, is perfectly true. he got an N (needs improvement) but i wouldn't have been surprised if they'd given him a U (unsatisfactory).

now for the nitty gritty:
[because really, social skills...who needs them? look how well i function without them.]
writing - S & all 2's "partial mastery of grade level standards" for sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, content, yada....yada....yada.
reading - S & almost all 2+'s [yup, on the cusp of 3's, which is consistently demonstrates...] for word recognition, fluency & vocabulary!!!!!!!!!!!!
math - E (EXCELLENT!!!!) all 2+'s & one money [duh, we know what's important].

did you know in 2nd grade math they cover alegbra? because i took a pre-algebra class in jr high & that was considered kinda advanced.....
they also cover statistics, data analysis & probability, which i didn't take year...

and the big overall standardized assessments:
reading 41/52 = 78.8%
math 27/30 = 90%
hold on to your seats....75% is considered proficient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teach said she was really worried about Z in the beginning, because when he came into class he told her he didn't know how to do anything, not even add. i know that he could add & spell, but his reading was way, way behind. his progress in one trimester has been so significant she's going to nominate him for an award for most improved.


  1. that deserves a WOOO HOOO!! good for him. i'm so glad you guys moved back!

  2. YAYYYYY!!! That is SO great! I'm thrilled for him and happy for you - what a relief! Awesome news! Keep up the great work, Z-man! :)


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