Wednesday, November 18, 2009

almost impossible

one day last week B's biology study group came over; when they meet they bring donuts & beer. [i don't remember study group being like that...]

anyways, so yeah, there were donuts in the house, right & one day last week Z managed to be good ALL day long at school & ALL 2 1/2 hours at his after school place [that's a lot of behaving for this kid, seriously.] so i told him he could have a donut after ALL that exasperating being good stuff.

he ate the donut. licked his fingers. then checked his cheeks to see if any sugar granules were stuck there & then took an actual bite out of the paper napkin for a few pieces of sugar. you would think we'd never let him have any treats what so ever...

then he asked if he was good ALL day tomorrow, could he have another donut?

wow, well, let's see here:
1 - Z has to be good 2 days in a row
2 - at school & at after school place
3 - there's only 2 donuts left & that means B can only eat 1 donut tomorrow am

so, you may not know this, but i am not a betting person...however, this is something i would feel pretty safe about putting my money on....self control around here is, well, um, needs some work.

surprisingly, the stars aligned & all worked out. good thing i didn't call the local bookie.


  1. SAT question:
    brian (is to) ________ as study group (is to)_________
    answer at end.

    GREAT job z!! the power of the donut! i have felt it many times. ha ha ha

    1st blank: BEER
    2nd blank: DONUTS

  2. i think the SAT answers are actually interchangable!


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