Monday, November 2, 2009

nana update

geez, would time stop moving so dang quickly!! i have too many things to write about, i just read my last post about nana it's so off & i need to write about halloween...oh & i almost forgot about the not-interview...

let's start with nana - all the days are jumbled together, i called the hospital & because of stupid HIPAA they still wouldn't tell me shit other than "she's fine" [which could mean she's next to death but we can't tell you over the phone & per chance get sued over the disclosure...yeah, i'm still a little raw about that]. however, i can say when i was talking to the nurse i said something about "how did things go? did you have to take out her stomach? does she have cancer?" evidently i was so far off base she assured me that wasn't going on at all.

f-ing family is AWESOME!!!

so, nana has been scoped, 2 or 3x but they weren't able to get the details they needed so thurs (i think) they cut her open to get a real look. i know they found the obstruction & cleaned her out, but don't know much beyond that. either today or tomorrow they are going to start her back on liquids.

my mom went to visit her on sun, nana was disoriented & didn't recognize her. nana also kept on asking her why were they in the kitchen? i told my mom it's probably b/c she was so dang hungry! they had to move nana to a room with more vigilent observation because she removed her GI herself....yeah, that's what happens when you have someone that isn't used to being in a hospital. nana told my mom her belly is sore, she doesn't know that she had an operation.

oh, one day last week i called the hospital & totally lied, told them i was my mom so i could get more info. i don't know who i talked with & i'm such an awful liar, i kept on messing up the 'me's and the 'my daughter's, he probably caught on, but realized i was desperate. the one tidbit of info i got was nana was admitted with "an upper GI bleed & a bowel obstruction".

i called nana last night, i'm not sure if she understood who i was, but she said she was feeling better & that they were treating her well. she sounded good & strong so i'm glad.

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