Wednesday, October 28, 2009


nana's in surgery right now, or at least supposed to be. the communication with my family has been complete shit; nothing like having someone in the hospital & a bunch people not speaking to each other or willing to make a flipping phone call.

when i called my nana yesterday she told me she was supposed to have surgery, but it had been postponed & she wasn't sure of when it had been rescheduled. my nana is 89 & despite how strong willed & with-it she is, there's a lot out there she does not understand at all. like she doesn't drive; not as in she doesn't drive anymore as in she NEVER, EVER has driven one of them horseless carriages. to her the hospital is not a place you go when you're sick, it's a place people go to die. she's never stayed at a hospital before, all her kids [8 of them!!!] were born at home & she's never had any kind of illness to warrant more than a prescription. so i don't expect her to really be able to give me a run down of her chart, i mainly want to check & let her know i'm thinking of her.

so i called my uncle to get the lowdown & all they tell me is nothing has changed, there's no updates, the surgery was postponed. [um, hello, wtf, why didn't anyone call me to let me know it was scheduled in the first place mfers?]


i called the hospital directly because my uncle's an asshole & found out the surgery was scheduled for today at 2:30. the nurse told me to call back today after 4:30 for results, so i'm on pins & needles.

my aunt asshole's wife did call me this morning to let me know the surgery was scheduled for 2:30 [which i'm more than positive they knew when i called]. from what i understood, the stomach is going to be removed, esophagus will be connected to small intestine & they will biopsy the obstruction. it's still not known if it's cancer, if it is nana will have to be moved to another hospital.

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