Friday, October 9, 2009

a nobel headache know i'm not one to get all's just not my bag...but i really, really can't believe obama has been awarded a nobel peace prize....

for WHAT?
great walk & talk, but how about we wait for some quantifiable results?

it's not that i dislike him, i'm just a little skeptical & the world treats him like he's the 2nd coming of christ & it freaks me out.

bandwagons, i don't jump on them....i watch them with a discerning eye.


  1. hope for the future. :-)

    but that's coming from an overt obama lover! lol

  2. oh, i am hoping for the future...

    i just don't consider anything he's accomplished on the level with nelson mandela, the dalai lama, mother teresa, martin luther king jr, etc.

    at least not yet.

  3. the committee agreed with that. it was being discussed on npr the other day.

  4. well, let's hope the committee knows something we don't about the future!


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