Monday, October 19, 2009

over the hills and thru the woods

to grandma's house we go...ok, we didn't go, only Z did. [i don't know what the deal is with the singing titles, roll with it]

it was so cute when i told Z we were going to a concert & his response was "what are we going to?" ugh, sorry kid 'we' is me & Poppa & you are staying at grammie's. he was fine with that. i told him 2 weeks in advance of our plans & he immediately wanted to go pack. i told him we had plenty of time & to go to bed...geez!

our evenings were busy with homework & such & before we knew it friday was upon us. i reminded him he had all of sat afternoon so he didn't have to get out of bed to pack. i had hoped for a great easy day; no homework, get our halloween decorations up, maybe go to the library, etc.

sat morning Z destroyed his room in the packing process so i told him he needed to clean it up. 3 hours later i go back & it was worse. i don't know how he manages it, but somehow he does. so i told him i was cooking, but he wasn't allowed to eat until his room was clean [which he could have done in 5 min if he wanted to]. i think that took an hour [or 2, he's so his father's son at times]. in the final clean up process he located the one card he had annilated his room for.

so we had a decent day after the rough morning. we did get some of the halloween decorations up, but then the wind blew 1/2 of them down & Z was asking me every 1/2 hour what time it was? was it time to go to grammie's? we didn't want to be late going to grammie's! & B was getting ready at noon for a 7:30pm concert & asking me about what to wear...

hello, my concert & the boys are driving me NUTS. i was excited but then i got to the point where i just wanted everyone out of my hair.

when i asked Z if he was all packed up he said he was, toys & books but not a stitch of clothing or a toothbrush. so everyone got their act together & we headed to grammie's. when we got there we had Z walk to the door alone & tell her we just dropped him off. he played it off quite well.

Z was happy to stay & B & I went off to the concert. shortly after 10pm i called my mom to check in & she told me they were still awake. i told her Z needed to get to sleep otherwise he'd be a bear on sun night. she said he'd been fine, not like the time when he was 3 & as soon as the sun went down he was out on the balcony hollering "momma, momma, momma" for me to come get him.

B & I headed home. Z's 7 years old & this was the first time he'd spent the night away from us. i did wake up in the middle of the night; weirded out when i realized Z's nightlight wasn't on, then rememeber he wasn't here with us.

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