Thursday, October 1, 2009

about that trip to the library...

remember the other day i vaguely mentioned about going to the library? actually i didn't really say much about the library & just touched on the sad attempt at parking the truck in an empty lot & failing....

anyhoo, so yes, the other day, at the library, in the truck, on track?

beings we're new to town, Z needed a new library card. he kept the card & without even thinking about it, i slipped the keyring one on my keys. [did you get that? my keys] when we got home, Z grabbed his books & i told him to make sure he didn't leave his library card in the truck because we know Poppa isn't ever going to be the one to take him to the library. [it's just a fact]

today B notices the library keyring card on his keyring & says "what is this doing on there? do you know what people are going to think of me? i might be associated with the wrong crowd, people may think i'm educated".

i laughed & couldn't believe how i absentmindedly put it on his keyring then told him "more than that, they make even think you're literate!!!"

nothing but love for ya babe!


  1. b doesn't want all his school friends to think he's all scholarly and such. then he wouldn't be cool! ha ha ha


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