Tuesday, September 29, 2009

military bs

so, we're almost done with B's military gig. a little over a week ago he hit his 20 year marker & officially Oct 1 he is no longer an enlisted marine - SWEET! we are free, free, free!

today we went to base to change our paperwork over to "retired people's insurance". initially B had asked me to go drop it off, but we knew the chances of something going wrong woud be incredible if i went alone. he was hedging towards not going because he has facial hair...yeah, that's quite a big deal if you're still active duty, but finally he decided he'd better come along.

the lady putting in the change was having problems with her computer & she asked someone for some help, the program wouldn't accept our info. she kept on trying but it just wouldn't go & then finally she figured it out - the program was auto-populating B's ex-wife's information....& it wouldn't let her delete it.

doesn't that kinda tell you HOW f-ed up the government is? hmmmm?
yeah, he's been divorced over 15 years. i realize she's in his file history, but why auto-populate info that old?
so i told the lady, let me have a whack at your program, i'm sure i can get her out.

as we left i told B it WAS a good thing he came along because can you imagine the phone call i would have made asking him wtf she was showing up on the insurance request? hahahahah!


  1. after 20 yrs he hasn't learned that he needs to be there for everything because it's usually screwed up? lol

    congrats on being free!!

  2. yup, he should know better....

    & thank you, YAH!


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