Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 more days down

well, really only 1 1/2, but that's splitting hairs....

yesterday morning when I took Z to school he asked me to go into class with him. i told him we could ask teach, but it probably wouldn't happen, that she doesn't like having parents in the classroom. so Z puts her on the spot right in front of the entire class "can my mom come to the classroom?" [i don't know if that's a kid thing, or a B trait, but even at 38 i can't imagine doing that]

anyways, she gave me a deer in the headlights look, so i quickly gave her an easy out & said to him "today's not a good day honey". teach then asked if he wanted to show me something in the class & he said yes, so she said he could show me at back to school night.

at the end of the day Z told me he had been called to an office to do some reading. i'm guessing they're evaluating him because he's a new student, or it could be that they are checking to see if he really does have a reading issue. if it's the latter, i hope this means Z will finally get the help i worked so hard for (& failed to get) for him last year at that stupid school that preferred to have him repeat a grade rather than provide assistance.

this morning, again Z asked if i could go to the classroom. teach responded with "i wish you would have asked before the bell" so i responded with "oh, i didn't realize you were in the classroom" then she told me "i'm not, but the door is unlocked". maybe it's just me, but i would not feel right about entering her classroom without any previous discussion about it. i did catch that she has a slight accent & her words are a bit delayed, so i think english is probably not her primary language which is part of her hesitance to speak with anyone. [or maybe i'm looking for excuses for her]

so here's the paper Z brought home yesterday, the only real feedback i'm getting about school so far:

My First Week of 2nd Grade

The first time I walked into my new classroom, I liked that everything was clean. [like his father, likes stuff clean but sure isn't gonna do it himself]

On the first day of school I sat next to Camila

The most surprising thing about the first day of school was that my teacher was nice. [do you think she gave them the answer for that one?]

My new teacher likes to drink Jamba juice. [with a double shot of vodka]

The most interesting thing we did in class this week was making paper Dolls. [of themselves]

I have made some new friends. Their names are Alonzo, Alex and KC. [finally, he's been complaining about not having any friends]

I think that this will be a good year because it will be easy. [little does he know]

so all his spelling was good, capitalized appropriately (except for Dolls), each sentence ended with a period & his writing wasn't bad [well, you know, for a 7yo boy]

tonight is back to school night, i hope to get another chance to speak with teach more & ask her to contact me to set up a p/t conference to discuss where he's at academically & what i can do at home to help him. i also will let her know if she needs any help in the classroom i can come in, maybe that will soften her up a bit. [otherwise i'm bringing out the sledgehammer]

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  1. I've been up in Reno for a work meeting and just got back last night - so glad you posted how school is going. I LOVE to hear that he's doing great so far. :) Gage is in the other room right now pulling out his big front tooth - I have such a tooth phobia that I can't even watch and keep shooing him out of my office. (Just tell me when you've pulled it out, already!) I'm such a baby.

    Email or post about how back to school night goes. . . .


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