Friday, September 11, 2009


8 years....unbelievable...
B & I were newlyweds [is that the right term if you elope?]. we'd only lived in the house 6 months. i was working at the soils place & had just finished college. B was working nights & for the most part, we only saw each other on the weekends. we were just learning about house improvement stuff & B was scheduled to go to japan in the summer.
[notice how Z wasn't even a blip on the map, sorry pumpkin!]

maybe i'm out of the loop, but today didn't seem to have the gusto i expected; that makes me a little sad. i expected more hoopla, it wasn't until just now the news showed some 9/11 memorial services, but i hadn't heard about anything beforehand.

i don't want to be morbid, i just don't want to forget or have it forgotten.

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