Thursday, September 10, 2009

i put a hex on....myself, darn it!

yeah, homework tonight was a complete f'ing MESS.
it shouldn't have been; he knew what to expect, part of it was a repeat process & the other part i had told him about in the morning. the work wasn't difficult he was being difficult [i'm being really nice with that because i'm his mother & i love him, but OMG, this kid is SO going to be the death of me!!!!].

in the end i wasn't even helping him. "fine, read the book, make up whatever words you want, write the sentences however you want, i don't care, it's not my homework."
[he'll be writing his own version of mommy dearest one day]

so then, THEN, after we're all done with the fripping homework i go through his backback to see if there was anything & i find a letter from teach. i asked for it, i know, stupid me.....
work on the following at home:
* counting by ones to 100
* " " 5's to 100
* " " 10's to 100
* writing numbers to 100
* counting on to add (locate the larger number & count up)
* commit to memory addition & subtraction facts to 20
* recognize coins (name & value)

um, he knows this stuff, he's tested on it.
what he is though is S-L-O-W. really slow, like you can't even imagine slow, like you think he's doing something else but he isn't slow.

so i don't know.
i'm torn.
maybe i was wrong.
maybe he isn't ready for 2nd grade &
maybe he would be better off repeating 1st.
i know i can't do another year of fighting every single night for hours to help him get his homework done. i don't want him to think of me that way nor do i want him to hate school & learning.


  1. oh my gosh i totally feel for you! i think i told you once before that my sister & nephew had similar struggles with homework. every single night was tears on both their parts. and it wasn't until my sister finally was able to get someone to listen to her and get him the help with his reading that he needed. and that was the big hold up for him. it was difficult for him to read and that just set up the rest of homework to be dreaded by both of them. but he got the help and things turned around. and now he even reads for pleasure!
    but i know that part of it is that they like to give their mom's harder times than anyone else. i'm convinced of this. maybe there is an after school program he can go to that will focus on helping him do all or part of his homework so that it's not all on your shoulders at the end of a long day? maybe? hopefully. hang in there though.

  2. i hope one day Z grows to love reading that much as well. he likes for me to read to him, but says he hates to read.


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