Saturday, September 12, 2009

now, i'm a lil scared

when the house was a rental, the first guy, when we came to do a walk through inspection nonchalantly mentioned he had rats. yeah, like it was no big deal whatsoever....
we hired an exterminator to set death traps & poison everywhere, had the front tree limbs all trimmed back away from the house & B installed extra seals along the garage. it took awhile but finally [because he'd waited until it was bad] the exterminator said all the meeces were gone.

our next renter, a really nice woman whom we hated to kick out [but hey i wasn't staying in the desert, so sorry....] contacted us right away when the rodents returned. although we maintained the exterminator company the entire time, the situation got worse before it got better, but it was taken care of. when she moved out she told us a meece had even jumped on her bed at night!!!!!!

so we know the meeces like this house & they tell their friends & extended family to come on over. in addition to that, the house behind us is vacant, which one wouldn't think much of however the neighbors have told us it's rat haven. [awesome....] it's so bad they've contacted the leinholder [yup, it's in foreclosure] & requested they do something about the meeces. you know what that means right? if the leinholder does eradicate the meeces from that house, guess where they're gonna go?

ok, that's not even the worse part, a few days ago, in an effort to be proactive we bought some poison blocks & threw them in the green belt behind the back fence. i made sure they were all far enough away that they could not be reached by little Z arms or by curious dog. [trust me she was curious, she thought i was throwing treats] then yesterday we found evidence that Lady [the dog] had eaten the poison!!!!!!

yup, turquoise poop.

she never showed any signs whatsoever, so apparently it wasn't enough to hurt her, but WTF???? there is absolutely no way any piece of poison could have been reached from this side of the yard, so the only thing we can guess was brought back!!!! did the meeces declare war & in retaliation they're taking out the dog?


  1. wilbur is that you? lol

    when my parents moved from our apt to their trailer they had a lot of stuff stored in an empty house where my dad worked. and there were mice (they thought) so they bought a couple of those d-con poison things where the critter eats the powdery substance and it congeals the insides of the critter and it dies (totally gross and very anti-peta). anyway, each time they would go out there thinking they were going to find the culprit they found the poison cup empty. so they would put more and more out each time. and when they returned the cup would be empty. they never did see or find what should have been dead. scary.
    hopefully your meeces are not the mutant varieties which may indeed by trying to take out your first line of defense (lady)!!

  2. we also found out there's a coyote family(!!!) in the neighborhood, supposedly in the open space behind our backyard as well.
    why aren't they eating the rats is what i wanna know!

  3. this all sounds like you guys live in the all these animals know you live in a CITY? ha ha ha

  4. yeah, i know, at least in the desert all we had to worry about were roaches...although i think i may be more comfortable with rats & coyotes than roaches!
    I despise roaches!


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