Tuesday, September 8, 2009

never wake a sleeping bear

it was a long weekend, but we didn't do anything special, made a bit more progress around the house.
oh, Z decided to be a vampire for halloween. i bought the fabric to make a black & red cape, so we'll see how that works out. this costume won't have as much leeway as the frankenstein....raw edges were acceptable on that one.

on mon night i made sure to tell Z the next day was school & he would get homework this week. he actually said "yah!" [whuuut? he must have thought i said he was getting chocolate pudding, not homework]

he was up at 7am today. that may not sound alarming, but hes a boy, he can get ready in about 10 min, so he could get up at 8:15 & be ready on time for school. he was already in the kitchen getting his cereal, so i told him it was early, really early, that he should go back to bed but he didn't.

i did though & quickly fell back asleep; only to be wakened shortly thereafter by his little face about 1 inch from mine whispering "what do i do now?" i told him to brush is hair, his teeth & get his shoes on & he was off & i was back asleep as it was still only 7:15 or so.

before i knew it there he was again, whispering "ok what now?" & when i open my eyes he's right there almost nose to nose with me. i had been awake between 3 & 5 am so i was kinda tired; i think he was hoping he could watch cartoons, but with the way things happened i told him instead to practice writing his numbers.

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