Monday, September 14, 2009

feeding frenzy

since the 1st week of school Z's been asking me to join him for lunch. in the morning he would say "momma, do you have a job today? can you please come have lunch with me?"
i was really torn; so difficult to say no & make him eat alone; but i knew he needed to make some friends. i suggested he ask a classmate if they could sit together & he took his lunch one day to see how that worked. today, week 3, i went.

i showed up early & waited outside his classroom. we walked together to the cafeteria, he turned in his lunch card, got his pizza then went over to the "salad bar" (lettuce, celery & carrot sticks, raisins, pineapple chunks). the pizza looked awful, but better than the chicken balls (not as in testicle, i think they were itty bitty baby nuggets).

then we went to sit outside next to agatha. as soon as we sit, she grabs his milk, opens & inserts the straw for him [talk about service!]. then i realize, wow, LOUDNESS! i don't see how they can eat with all that noise. YELLING, everywhere, for anything, to kids right next to them, anarchy!!! he hardly ate anything then declared he was finished & ready to go to the playground.

Z's favorite thing is the swings, he finally learned how to make it go all by himself. one of the kids repeatedly came up to me to ask "has the 2nd bell rang?" um, i don't know, i'm not paying attention to the bells, HAHAHAHAHA i'm not in school anymore, tttthhhhhhbbbbbb!!!!

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