Saturday, September 5, 2009

back to school night

really wasn't much...
started out in the cafeteria, an introduction to the school, a few rules, etc. the biggest thing was the school is part of a healthy eating district. i think that's great, especially after the crap they served at Z's old school. [their pb&j's weren't even made on real bread, they were made with graham crackers & were prepackaged!!!]

so, healthy eating, that's great right? yes
HOWEVER, the pendulum swings to the other side now....
no cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy or sodas are served by the school & are not allowed at the school.
not even for birthdays, they suggested a fruit platter!!! [sorry, just not the same as a deathbychocolate cake]
the principal said she's actually confiscated a cake before.

after that we went to Z's classroom for a talkin to by teach. she had paperwork handouts for all of us, which she also read to us. the main thing was she talked about how bad budget cuts were & how she needed all kinds of help, in the classroom, outside the class, even supplies [like paper, every kid was asked to bring in a ream of paper].

so i offered to help out on one project & also told her i could come in to the class if she needed anything. i plan on asking her for a parent/teacher conference once she's spent some time with Z & can give me some feedback about where he's at, what he needs help with & what i can do.

week 1 is done. on sat Z got up, got dressed & was getting ready for breakfast when i found him. he thought it was a school day although i had specifically told him the night before that it was a stay home day. he was really upset, but i guess that's a good thing. we'll see how he feels after week 2 & he gets homework!


  1. omg caine NEVER confused a non-school day with a school day. lol so i think that is a REALLY good sign. that is too cute though.

    we have been asked since caine first started school to bring in classroom items (reams of paper, pencils, tissues, paper towels, construction paper, etc.) every year while in elementary school. and just this year one of his teachers is offering 5 points towards the semester grade for each item that is brought in. caine was going to throw the list away and i'm like "we" need all the help we can get. i was wondering if there was going to be a limit to the # of items he could bring in. ha ha ha

  2. so is caine going to bring in a case of paper every week?

  3. EXACTLY! i'll be writing that teacher a check to slip in with the paper. lol

  4. that's so funny - i bribe gage's teachers with extra reams of paper - i agree, "we" need all the help we can get too! :)

  5. so....i need to get a job, so i can buy paper for the entire district?

  6. i'd be broke if it was the whole district. lol just stick to those that write the grades! ha ha ha


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