Friday, September 18, 2009

sorry Lady

so Lady is more of an outdoor dog, unless it's really hot or cold out she prefers to be outside. well, her absolute preference it to have the door open so she can come & go as she know. she likes to come inside & check on everyone & of course, the carpet is great for napping.

we often call her "Bird" [i'm not exactly sure how i came up with it, the only thing i can think of is on king of the hill, his dog is LadyBird] anywho, Bird is more fitting for her anyways, the dog is much closer to being a bird than she is to being a lady.

normally she sticks closer to B, but lately she's been following me around. the other night when B came to bed he heard snoring from my side of the bed. he knows that is really unlikely to be me & sure enough, he found her sleeping on the floor next to me.

last night i was really tired when i went to bed (the room was dark & i wasn't wearing my glasses) & when i walked into the bedroom my foot landed on something warm. no, take that back it was hot....and it had hair....but i was 1/2 asleep, so it took some time for me to even be concerned about the fact that it wasn't carpet.
oh, sorry Lady.
i must not have put very much weight on her because she hardly moved & didn't make a sound [or she was SOUND asleep], but she finally got up & i managed to get into bed. then i laid there & thought about M's story when she (also in the dark & sans glasses) kicked what she thought was a shirt left on the floor but ended up being the cat!!!!!!


  1. ha ha ha as soon as i saw where this story was going i totally thought about sassy getting kicked. poor thing. but it sure is a funny story and proves just how blind i am! lol glad lady didn't get any kicks. but sounds like she may not have noticed even if you did!

  2. yeah, as i thought of your story i laid there giggling to myself. your story was so funny!


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