Wednesday, September 23, 2009

who's the bully?

yesterday Z brought home some rocks from the school playground. in the past he's told me when he grows up he wants to be a fisherman & recently he changed to vet, but yesterday he was giving geologist a whirl. the rocks he brought home had a little sparkle to him & he said he was searching for gold.

this morning when i took him to school he asked me to stay with him while he played. we walked over to the swings, but then he decided he wanted to dig for more rocks. there were already 2 boys digging in the spot & Z was perplexed about the situation. so i suggested he dig in a different spot nearby; he didn't like that idea. so then i told him to ask the boys if he could dig with them, so he asked. they said no.

at first i was like "oh, well that's life, get used to it Z" but then i remembered something...hahahahaha i'm an adult & you're just a bunch of kids that i can push around!!!! so i said to them "alright you little f-ing bastards why can't he play with you? he asked nicely"

& don't you know, they didn't have an answer so they let Z play with them.


  1. ha ha ha don't mess with the mama bear!

  2. i know i can't always be there to fight all his battles for him, but i thought maybe if they played together for a bit, they just might end up being friends.

    it was also fun to throw my weight around!


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