Thursday, September 10, 2009

bits & pieces

[i believe joan jett did a remake of that song, not sure]
not much going on around here...the boy continues to get up at 7am. i guess i shouldn't complain though, could be worse, there could be tears & a wake up battle every morning, right?
yesterday i got up about 7:45, i hadn't heard any sounds so i thought he was still in bed [only to scare myself when i found it empty]. he was already dressed, had breakfast & was sitting on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket. it must have been my semi-annual night of good sleep is why i didn't hear him...
& today i found him playing outside with the dog when i got up.
he also did better on night 2 of homework, so all is well on that front.


the painting bug is about to bite soon. i'm looking around here, i want to do things, but its really difficult to commit to something huge [like redoing the ENTIRE kitchen] when i'm unemployed & B is schooling. so paint is cheap...although i cringe every time i look at the 18 year old linoleum in the kitchen, or find another frozen item in the refrigerator, or accidentally use the micro above the stove instead of the 1980s one on the counter [because the installed one is slower than cooking on the stove!!!]. somewhere along the line this house turned into ghetto house numero dos - wtf?


i have not made a single bit of tangible progress on Z's costume. i've thought about it a lot, conceptualized how i'm going to do it [no pattern, straight winging in...i know, i'm just WILD like that....or maybe stupid, whatever...semantics people...]. part of the problem is the only working space i have to set up the sewing machine is the dining room table & right now, that's homework central for both boys. so what am i supposed to do? work in the backyard? i mean, let's be honest here, neither one of them are really gung ho about homework in the 1st place [ok nobody is, but compared to average]. B's already dropped his speech class & is still complaining about homework & tests blah, blah, blah, wait until he takes a 200 level class!!! i'm so happy i don't go to school anymore lalalalalala.


i FINALLY got this blog under my "sayittojustme" username. it wasn't that complicated once i figured it out, but it was a pain in the interim. so yah for me!


  1. Your whole concern about the Halloween costume just cracks me up! Do you know what I (and other loser-moms like me) do? Go to Target and say "Pick what you want to be." Ta-da! Problem solved. :) Now you're just being an overachiever when you decide to make a costume from scratch. (HUGE overachiever to someone who - and don't tell, now - can't even sew a button. I blame my mother).

  2. well, i'm not making the whole costume, just the cape, it should be too difficult (easy to say as the fabric sits in the bag still).

    no, i'm not above buying a costume at Target, we do that sometimes too.

    ok, the only reason i have a sewing machine is my mom bought it for me....& i'm still kinda leery around it.


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