Tuesday, September 8, 2009

made contact

finally! i brought my homework from Z's class in this morning; i was shocked to find his teacher in the classroom. i put the stack of math lessons on the counter & she asked "this is the whole book?"
"yes, that's all of it" [she said we could do chapters, but i'd rather get it done & back to her so i don't have it looming over my head]

Z was still there, so i asked him to go to the playground so i could speak with teach some. i told her once she had spent some time with him, because we came from a different school district, i was very concerned about where he fell in comparison to his classmates.

teach said she had done some evaluations last week already & could tell me he was low. [surprise] however, this school is nothing like the old school: he's already going mon-thurs to a reading lab [YESSSSS!!!], she's changed the seating arrangement so he sits next to one of the best readers in class so a peer can help him & she also said there's a group of slow readers in the class that she spends extra time with [bonus, he's not at the bottom of the barrel by himself].

the other thing she mentioned is he has trouble focusing. yeah, i know but i don't know what to do about it....i find it infuriating as well.


  1. it's both comforting and annoying when they tell you everything you already know. but it's awesome that she is on top of things already. thank goodness you guys moved home. can you imagine if he had to stay any more time in that old school? gosh. i feel sorry for those other students left behind. but so glad for z!!

  2. yup, really glad for Z & feel bad for the kids who need help but don't get it.


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