Thursday, October 22, 2009

today, nana

today within a 1/2 hour timespan i got 3 phone calls.
i rarely get phone calls at all, to get 3 back to back was unusal.

the first call was from Z's school. i didn't talk about what happened before a few weeks ago. he wanted to play with a girl, she asked him to leave, he refused & punched her in the face. today he argued with another kid about who was first in line & when another girl backed up the other kid, Z spit in her face.

i don't know where or how my child thinks this behavior is acceptable. although i know i shouldn't worry about what people think, i wonder how many people are waiting for me to show up in jackie o sunglasses hiding a shiner? B actually explained to Z tonight about how he (B) doesn't speak to his own father, how he is such a mean person, how he hits people. this story is so old....

the 2nd call was a company i sent an unsolicted resume to. it's a company i worked with when i worked for old boss. i was torn when i sent the resume in the first place, do i want to work with a company that may have the same problems i had with old boss? i'm going in on tuesday "just to chat" not an official interview.

the 3rd actually came in during call 2, it was my mother. i called her back & she told me AO had called & told her nana was in the hospital & for me to call the hospital to see what i could find out. i called the hospital but they wouldn't tell me anything, but i did get to talk with my nana.

she sounded fine, she said her stomach was hurting, she hadn't eaten in 2 days, they were giving her a liquid through her veins & she may need surgery, but for now the pain was gone. i called my AO back, she said something about the possibility of stomach cancer & i got my uncle's number beings the hospital said my uncle was the point of contact. he confirmed the cancer, another biopsy had been done to determine what stage it's in, but the results weren't in yet.

i called my other uncle & he told me depending on the outcome of the biopsy, he wants to bring her to LA for better care. he also told me they (2 uncles) decided it's best to not tell nana she has cancer, they're afraid she'll give up. i think they may be right.

we are headed down tomorrow for my reunion. we planned on having lunch with nana on sat. i called her this morning & left a message that i'd call her back not knowing she was in the hospital. i was supposed to get the sewing machine she wanted me to have; now i feel as though it would be taking, stealing, scavanging like a vulture. so it doesn't feel right.

cousin C went to see her in the hospital, C's smart & kept it light never really getting into it; just asked "how are you doing, when are you going home, etc". girl is seriously wise beyond her years at times, hopefully i can keep it together tomorrow night.

when B got home i told him everything [that must have been nice to come home to]. later he asked what was the 2nd call, i reminded, then he said "i thought it was a bad thing..." somewhat confused. so i told him "well, yeah.......i might have to go back to work".


  1. no other comment...just that i love you and hope things get better!


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