Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallowink 2009

[i'm back-dating this post so it's easier for me to find later when i forget about the timing of all the other drama....]
so not only does Z's school have a no-sweets rule, but no costumes either. yep, no dress-up for school on friday, isn't that crazy? that's half the fun.....they did have a 'carnival' though.....a really lame one.....

we trick-or-treated around some of the classrooms, then walked over to Z's class. found out teacher does not believe in nor celebrate halloween so she wasn't there. i know to each his own, but when you're a teacher, wouldn't you kinda go with the flow for the kids? the other day Z said "i think halloween is a day where kids just go around to get free candy" [i may be wrong, maybe it didn't come from her, but didn't sound like Z's words].

then we stood in line for a solid 1/2 hour to go to the haunted classroom; it was alright, but took about 30 seconds to walk very slowly thru. they had a trick-or-treat bag decorating table & a stand selling hotdogs & cookies & that was the 'carnival'. the best part of it, i got a good dry run on prepping Z's vampire face. the next morning we hadn't got all the black eyeshadow off from around his eyes & i have to say, the boy looks better with day-old-slept-in-make-up than i do in fresh [so not fair!]

B had floured Z's face to make it pale, but i didn't care for it so sat we went to walmart for Z's first make-up run to get some sort of powder or foundation. it was more difficult than i anticipated & even B was helping me look for something light when he asked "don't they have a goth section?" apparently not....we ended up getting white eyeshadow.

shortly after sundown we headed over to the neighbor's house & went trick-or-treating with them. Z still wants to go in & visit with everyone...he wants to sit & chat in exchange for candy i guess. the neighbor's 3yo had a better grasp of how things were supposed to go compared to Z...poor boy's been in the sticks the past few years!

we went up & down the street & then quite a few kids came out so i sat out the next stretch to give out candy while the boys went over to the next block. up & down 2 blocks Z came home with a bucket full of candy, he had a good night. thankfully one of the neighbor's gave out glow-in-the-dark bracelets b/c when we went to walmart they were out [for shame!] & although Z liked it, it was not the thrill it always gave him in the past, this year was about the candy.


  1. we had NO candy this year. we didn't give it out and since caine is "too cool" to even go out get candy for his mama we went without. :-(

  2. aw, we have some leftovers & Z's bucket if you want some!

  3. i forgot that my grandma had given sissy some m&m's. so i guess i shouldn't complain. but that's never stopped me before! lol


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