Sunday, October 25, 2009

still waiting

the past 3 days of hospital visits kind of blur together. on fri, my uncle was there. it was a surprise to see him. so far, they had determined the cancer had not spread beyond nana's stomach, but further testing was needed to figure out how bad it was in the stomach.

when we went on sat they told us she had an obstruction in the stomach. nana was quite talkative, holding up her end of the conversation, happy although tired. hungry too because she hadn't had anything other than ice or water in 4 days. she joked & laughed some, told us about when someone was in the bed next to her they had the tv on & a beer commercial came on & about how badly she wanted a beer. [that's my nana!] earlier in the day she had to drink a solution to assist in the testing & she said it tasted bad she she couldn't keep it down. B told her next time to tell them to mix it w/beer & she said she would ask for more then!

today when we went to the hospital my other uncle was there with his wife. the dr was supposed to have come in the previous night or that morning to determine if surgery was needed on nana's stomach & if so, to what extent. we showed up around 12:30 & dr was mia, so no new info. my aunt & uncle know the dr & somehow were able to get him over to check out nana. the obstruction is on the bottom of her stomach & although she hasn't had solids in 4 days her tummy is bloated like a balloon. what little solution she had kept down is still in her stomach & only some liquid is completing the full route.

so she will have surgery, most likely sometime this week. we still don't know if they're going to do a partial removal or the entire stomach. i don't know why this is taking so many days, on grey's they get all this shit figured out & done in an hour....


  1. if only it was like on tv!! one commercial break and the problem is solved and everyone has smiling faces in the recovery room!

  2. are they (uncles) thinking of moving her still?


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