Friday, October 30, 2009's fundamental

last year, 1st grade, was tough. we spent hours and hours doing homework that should have only taken a fraction of the time. i fought Z's school all year long for extra help so he could learn to read better. i knew what he was getting in the classroom wasn't enough & although i tried as hard as i could, i by no means am a teacher. B & I also debated on IEP (individualized education program) testing. it was bad & i still wonder about mrs. pippen passing him on to 2nd grade - did she really think he was ready for it, or did she count on that we were moving away & either hopefully he would get the help he needed or at least it wouldn't be her problem. [tangents....the female brain is dangerous]

this year, at a new school, the teacher immediately signed him up for a daily reading lab during regular class hours. i was really glad, that finally Z was going to get the help he needed & i didn't have to fight anyone to get it. then 2 weeks ago his teacher sent home a letter requesting Z attend another reading lab before school. Z didn't want to go & at first; i admit, my feelings were a little hurt. his reading had improved significantly in the short time he'd been going to the in-class lab, but knew it was for the best.

the other day teacher told me me Z was doing very well in math, using coins & making change, etc. & on thurs Z told me he has improved in his morning reading lab. he now goes to a different room where he reads then takes tests on the computer, he's finally got the reading thing down & now just needs to work on his comprehension.

he's gotten to the point where for the mostpart, he's able to do his homework by himself. he almost always asks how to spell a word before he tries, although 90% of the time he actually is able to spell it. what's really funny, the things he's learning now (the sounds, pronouncation guidelines & hints) are things i never learned in school. i have to ask him 'what's a short c & what's a long c?' wonder why i couldn't help him learn to read? i'm amazed i can read!!!!


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