Sunday, October 18, 2009

let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW (PATROL)

i got the tickets a few weeks ago, ordered them online. we hadn't been to a concert in YEARS & thankfully, B was on board with going & even told me he was alright with paying extra to get good seats. [fyi, don't ever tell me that unless you mean it.]

the day of the concert was HOT in the city [seriously, upper 90s]. i was concerned about being around hot, stinky people even though it was at outdoor venue, i'd never been to it & really wasn't sure what to expect.

we dropped Z off at Grammie's house, went out for a quick greek dinner, then down to sdsu. we parked near some frat houses & were got more & more excited as we walked to the college. sdsu oat (open air theatre) is EXCELLENT let me tell you!!! small, very steep, like what i imagine the greeks saw plays in. we walked down, down, down, finally at floor level, then to the front!!!!

i actually yelled out "holy shit" when i realized we were in the front row...classy, i know.

plain white t's opened. they put on a great show. i only know "hey there delilah" & "1, 2, 3, 4", but still entertaining. we weren't front & center, just a little to the left. their show was only about 40 minutes, then it was time for the headliner.

here's Gary Lightbody [YAH!!!]

i never had tickets this good for a concert & was SO pleased! they put on a great show. i was a little worried, you know how some bands aren't very good live, but snow patrol did not disappoint, at all.

this is Paul Wilson, about 5 feet in front of us!!!!

they played a bunch of songs from "final straw", which is an old album, but i LOVE it & was singing all the words!

not only that, i've listened to it enough that B even recognized the songs - heehee!

here's Gary again. I'm pretty sure this is when he's singing "wow" my absolute favorite song from sp!

'say the first thing that comes into your head when you see me'

here's another one of Paul, i like the background. all pics were taken by B.

at the other end of the front row was a drunken pole dancing chick, she provided many laughs. Paul often would crack a smile & have to look somewhere else to keep his focus.

B tried to get a pic of me with the stage in the background, but it didn't work, lighting wasn't right, oh well.

i'm still listening to the cd over & over & now i can see them singing the songs in my head. especially Paul beings he was right in front of us, the crinkle between his eyebrows, eyes closed. oh & the 'terra diablo' tattoo down the inside of his left arm.

i can't wait to find another concert, but i'm i think now i'm going to be even picker than i used to be.
the band & venue were fantastic & the seats could only be beat if we were just a little to the right so we would have been front & center, but hey, i'm totally down with having a guitarist in front of no complaints.

great, great concert!
note to self - it was a total bitch to get this pics lined up like this, but the perfectionist in me is pleased!


  1. having good concert seats is like flying first class...ruins any other experience. lol

    glad you had so much fun!

  2. you're probably right!
    i have yet to fly first class though!


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