Wednesday, October 14, 2009

how to get me to spend $75 on a haircut when i'm unemployed

tell me i have pretty hair...

really, she did....& i don't think anyone has ever told me that before. well, not a hairstylist. boys maybe, but only because they're silly & don't really know anything at all about hair & if it's long = pretty; they care if it's dry or has split ends for miles.

i even told my stylist no one has evah told me i had pretty hair. although i have been told "you have a lot of hair", but it never sounded like a compliment. it sounded more like:
- all your hair is a pain in the ass to cut
- i could have cut 3 people's hair in the amount of time it takes to cut your hair
- you seriously expect me to blow this out for 20 minutes
- i'd better get a really good tip for working with this mess

but my stylist said she liked a challenge, there was no fun in styling someone's hair when they only had 3 strands [B says she must be hurting for clientele...]. this time she knew she needed 2 handfuls of shampoo to get my hair to lather up & to comb it out when the conditioner was on there. then, wow, she cut & fixed my hair & it came out SO pretty. i'm sure she slipped me something, shaved my head & glued a wig on while i was out.

so i decided i'm not going to wash my hair until after next weekend's reunion. i'm sure everyone will be talking about my pretty hair...nevermind that i'm unemployed [& will probably look homeless with that greasy hair!]


  1. ha ha ha good one. i guess you could go back friday morning before you travel down for the reunion so it will be fresh. you could be like the little old ladies that get their hair set and styled every week. :-)

  2. girl, i can't afford another haircut for 6 months unless i get a job before that!


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