Friday, October 9, 2009

at least he's didn't pull a joey

when we got home from our errands, Z was on the floor in his bathroom in a tangled mess. i asked him what he was doing & he said he was taking off his chonies because in the morning he'd forgotten he had on a pair & put on another pair, so we had worn 2 pair all day long.

i don't know how exactly you forget that you're wearing a chonies & put on another pair without noticing the 1st pair, but he did. he was wearing sweats, so i was just glad he didn't go commando, that would have been much worse...


  1. he was doubling up...what's wrong with that? lol

    i don't get the joey reference...friends joey? i kind of remember that he put on all of chandlers clothes and was doing lunges in them while not having choneys on. is that it? just came to me. too funny though!

  2. joey & chandler's relationship was the best part of friends.

  3. yes, that was a joey from friends reference; i meant to put that in & forgot...
    yup, you got the episode too, that was a great one!


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