Monday, October 12, 2009

dooce's book

thanks to maya, i started reading a few years ago & a few months ago maya let me borrow HBA's book "it sucked & then i cried". i was really busy & had a valid excuse for not starting it back in july, but the past few months have just flown by & i realized i still had not started it, although i have about 5 other things i'm reading at the same time & picked up some more books at the library on sunday.....i can't help myself.

oh, yeah & the on & off cold i've been battling for the past 3's kicking my butt today. i had a lovely [fyi, that's dripping with sarcasm] cup of theraflu & was down for a great nap until a stupid fly kept on buzzing around my face. i'm tired & i don't make any sense...

so the book, i just finished reading chapter 5, leta was just born. i can SO relate to HBA's miserable pregnancy, her story brought back so many memories. i really do wish i knew of blogging at that time, the outlet would have been although i hinted to it before, i decided to get it all down on paper on blog & over the next few days i'm going to write my pregnancy story.


  1. i look forward to hearing your story. i loved every minute of being pregnant and felt healthier than i had ever felt. so i feel for those that didn't have it that way. :-)

  2. lucky you, loved it huh? how strange!


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