Tuesday, October 6, 2009

he will be king

i typed that & got a call from Z's school, that was 2 days ago & i haven't had the heart to come back to pick this back up. for a few minutes, let's pretend that call didn't happen & all is good...

Z was getting ready for school & i went down the list - had your breakfast? did you brush your hair? teeth? etc, then ask do you want me to fix your hair? [lately he's liked wearing spiky hair, not everyday though.]

Z - no, today i have to be handsome

me - um, what?

Z - momma, [exasperated] i have to be handsome today because i meeting with the club at school.

me - what club is this?

Z - it's a group of girls & i'm the only boy

me - ok [well, they're only 7, but it's all girls & one boy, more importantly my boy, i don't know if i should be worried or if i should be WORRIED]

Z - today i'm going to be the king so i have to be handsome & i can't wear spiky hair

me - very well then [get back to me before they want you to be the doctor...there's a discussion we need to have beforehand.]


  1. i saw somewhere (a movie trailer maybe) where mom's are talking and the mother of a daughter tells the mother of a son that she's lucky...the mother of a son has to only worry about one penis where as the mother of a daughter has to worry about them all!

    i tell you that to say things could be worse! lol

  2. umm - okay mariah, you just scared me a bit. and i am NOT sharing that info with chris - no need to make him more hyper-vigilant than he already is (seeing as Maddie's only four right now). :) steph, we knew he was a ladies man - he's just taking it to the next level. (hee hee)

  3. i've got an 8 month old and i'm already worried about what is in store for us. ;-)

  4. mariah - i've seen that too...on the flip side a boy can fertilize multiple gardens simultaneously.

    sil - how many levels do i have before the sit down?

  5. i think your sit downs should increase in intensity along with his increasing levels. didn't you get the memo? it's not longer the ONE talk...now it's a dialogue.
    do you want me to send you the books? i have a more recent one or you can go old school and use the books my mom did with us (i found them a couple of years on ebay and couldn't resist!). btw...caine cringes whenever i bring up THE BOOKS. lol not sure if that is a good or bad sign!

  6. WHAT??? dialogue??? not just 'a talk' anymore!!!!

    i have one of my old books my mom got when i was a kid, to get out of having the talk, but i don't think it's worth showing Z.


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