Friday, November 6, 2009

it finally clicked

my cousin S sent some books over to help with Z's reading. i thumbed thru them quickly, they looked about his reading level & so at bedtime he asked if i would read one of the books to him. i said no, but he could read it to me. deal.

when he opened up the book it had more words than i expected; he said he couldn't read all that (about 5 or 6 sentences on 1 page). granted, it's more than he has been reading but his vocabulary has really grown, so i told him to just try it. i also figured maybe the following pages would have less sentences or if it was a lot, we could take turns reading pages.

he read the first page, stumbling on only a couple of words; the same on the next page & he just kept on reading. he didn't complain about the amount of sentences at all & if he came across a word he didn't know he just sounded it out & moved on.

mickey & the beanstalk, you brought tears to my eyes, he finally did it.

i was so proud of him & even he was excited that he read so much all by himself. the next morning, even though it was a school day, he got up early, came in & gave me a hug, then ran out of the room. he came back with another book in his hand & read another story to me.

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