Monday, November 16, 2009

back to the hospital

i found out last night that nana is back in the hospital. she was taken on sat & admitted on sun for dehydration & some sort of infection (details are sketchy at best). the biggest concern though is that her veins aren't strong enough to hold an iv.

last time they'd used her arms & hands, she still has large bruises on her arms from them. this time they had to use a vein in her groin.

aunt A & cousin C are supposed to go visit her today & give us an update. my mom is going to try to get the day off tomorrow & we hope to head down to visit her.

UA is still causing crazy drama with the family; practically everyone doesn't want to visit nana (at the hospital or at her home) because the don't want to see him. i don't think i wrote about it earlier, but before my last visit nana had told my aunt A that she (nana) was worried about me coming to visit because my mother & i had "attacked" UA in the hospital.

no doubt a repeat of his words. no doubt he wouldn't explain that it's because he didn't want tell us his plans for nana. i would not put it past the man to put her in away & not let us know where she was at. he runs off everyone & then tries to convince nana he's the only one that cares about her. the man needs therapy....lots of it!


  1. as if uncle asshole couldn't get any he's the victim? whatever. sounds like he's more worried about controlling and manipulating the situation than caring how your nana feels.

  2. What a freakshow. Enough with his drama already - geesh! Hang in there. . .


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