Friday, December 4, 2009

B's accident

the other day i was contemplating about talking w/B about raising the deductibles on the car insurance; it's been quite some time since we've had a claim & we could save some $$. he's been busy with school [end of the semester fun times & all], so it was a conversation that could wait...& i'm really happy about that, because:

B was on his way to class, stopped at a red light, when car 2 (behind him) rear-ended him because car 1's (behind car 2) brakes failed. thankfully, B was totally fine & the truck suffered minor damage. honestly, i must say, dodge you make a sturdy truck as only the tailgate was dented slightly although car 2's (an explorer) front end was mashed up. i'm sure the back of it didn't fair too well either.

turns out car 1 had their brakes worked on just the day before at the toyota dealership. i don't know how well they worked before the vehicle was taken in, but i'm gonna go with they worked worse afterwards. the guy said he pressed his brakes [near the steering wheel, he was disabled] but nothing happened! how scary is that? considering the circumstances, everyone was very fortunate.

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