Friday, December 18, 2009

continuation from yesterday

as if the morning wasn't chaotic enough, by the time school was out i was debating if i should let Z go to his afterschool place to play & get out some of that energy or did i think he was wore out from the day's events & needed to come home to rest? i decided there were only 2 more days of opportunity [read - me time] & i didn't want to waste them so i let him stay. i'm guessing not more than 3 minutes passed from that decision point when my phone rang.

it was the afterschool place, relaying a message i've heard too many times "come get your kid, he hit somebody".

the head lady there has been really working with us. yeah, Z's had trouble before, over the past couple of weeks it's been him not following direction & staring down some of the leaders. isn't that crazy? yeah, i know they're teenagers, but they are adults, still wet behind the ears but adults & Z tries to threaten them with his facial expressions.

this time he kicked another kid because they were playing tag & Z didn't want to be it. he needs to either learn to play or sit it out. [unfortunately this is from me, that's why i don't play & Z has to figure out what's going to work for him.]

the program director wants to kick Z out, but the head lady is actually on Z's side & told her boss how we always pick him up right away when he acts up & sometimes we don't allow him to go the next day as punishment, but as of right now, his status is up in the air.

as punishment Z wasn't allowed to dress up for pj day today & he only went to school for a couple of hours because it was a party day. i didn't even let him stay for the pizza lunch & of course, he didn't go to the afterschool christmas party either.

i hate that he's putting us in this position at this time of year.


  1. poor thing. but he has such moments a greatness, sweetness, responsibility, etc., between these times. he's gonna figure it out eventually. :-)

    still laughing about the mad-dogging though. that's just too funny.

  2. such a wide swing huh?

    yup, mad-dogging the help, kid's got nads....


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