Monday, December 28, 2009

valley trip

i had hoped to start the day off early, but B's cousin showed up unexpectedly & then the conversation happened, so we left late. once we got to town we visited nana for a bit. she seemed to be doing ok, but her spirits weren't as high as before & her caregiver told me they were worried about a few things.

my uncles have been in complete control of everything because that's how they wanted it. the caregiver explained to me that nana is running out of $$ & they want to put her in a convalescent home. nana wants to use her house to pay the caregivers & stay in her home. the problem is the house was put in my uncle's name a long, long time ago, so on paper it's not her house & my's his house.....his $$. the end.

later we took Z over to cousin C's house so she could watch him for the night while we went to visit my hs buddies. the party almost didn't happen, we thought it was canceled for a bit there & a few people were sick or no shows, so it wasn't quite the crowd we'd originally anticipated. we still managed to have a good time though. we picked Z up about 3am, cousin C said he stayed up until midnight which ended up being a good thing because he slept in the next morning & i didn't have to listen to spongebob cartoons!

when we got up we went back over to nana's for a bit. she was happy to see us, but then another one of my uncles called & after that she seemed very distant. i tried talking with her, but she kept saying she couldn't hear me even though i was shouting. the caregiver ordered some chinese takeout & once nana ate, she seemed better. the caregiver told me again of their worries & told me to tell my mom. she also told me i'm the only family that visits nana; which was pretty upsetting considering how big the family is & how many people are nearby.

after leaving nana's went visited with hs buddies for a bit & then we're back on our way home.

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