Tuesday, June 29, 2010


geez, i've had some of the craziest dreams lately!

in one dream we were moving. i can't remember if it was to or from the desert, but heat was involved. we were in-between houses & packing our bags to go from one to the other. we weren't sure if we would stay the night or not, so we were gathering munchies & clothes & then there was my mom's dogs. for some reason i had 2 dogs & wasn't sure what to do with them; they puke in the car, but i didn't want to leave them alone overnight.


another night i had 3 separate dreams where i was in a trailer, in the desert, in the summer. in one of them the trailer (my home) was parked right along the side of a busy road, like the 395 & someone told me i should move it back at bit. they then proceeded to just pick it up & move it like 50ft from the road.

in another one i was with one of my grandma's, there to take care of her. in my dream i woke up in the middle of the night bc although we were in a ghetto trailer, it had a sliding glass door in the bedroom & i didn't feel safe that we had left it open & i was mad at myself for not closing it & leaving windows open instead. i knew people had been scoping out the place & it wasn't safe so i didn't know why i had done that. then to top it off, i let Z stay in a separate trailer by himself & i was freaking out about him being alone.

the last one (although technically i don't remember the order) the trailer was somewhat bigger & i had met up with blogging friends. [ok, the term 'friends' is used quite loosely bc nobody knows me] but ANYWAYS, yeah, i met up with my imaginary blogging friends. it was fun to re-tell some of the stories we'd posted & details we'd left out. then i remember suggesting bc we were out in the middle of nowhere that we get dressed up & go to vegas.


then were was the mexico dream. i was with a group of friends (none of which i actually know) & it was some holiday or something & we decided to go down to mexico. just after passing the border we heard lots of cheering & such so we stopped to see what was going on, etc & then i hear someone calling my name.

in mexico
sans accent
an abbreviation of my name, so it had to be someone pretty comfortable with me.

i look over & see Uncle B & nana partying it up! my friends & i joined them & we had a good time. my Uncle even picked up the bill [solid proof that it was a dream].


another one in the desert - i dreamt we moved from ghetto house, but not back home, we just moved a few blocks away.

i think i'm scarred from last year's move, it's just weird how the timing is exactly one year.


  1. stop smoking the crack lady! lol

  2. flashbacks from the esd days i guess...


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